The main reason a dry cleaning label is typically found on bedspreads is because of color and fiber filling. Unfortunately, many assume it is because of size and feel that the washing machine is an option for cleaning their bedspread.

Special care is needed because fiber filling may bunch up in a washer forming clumps in the batting as well as pulling and breaking threads. The typical outcome is your bedspread shrinking. If at all possible, bring your bedspread cleaning instructions to us. We highly recommend that our customers save the bedspread cleaning instructions included on original packaging in addition to attached care instructions sewn into the bedspread.

Color-fastness in bedspreads is another concern. In some bedspreads, dyes are not stable and a washing machine could case bleeding of color and/or fading or splotching.

Bedspreads should be cleaned at the same time with like bedding pieces. We suggest that matching bed skirts and shams be dry cleaned together. This way any color changes, however minimal, will be uniform.