Dress Shirt Cleaning

Daily activities can harm your dress shirts.  In particular, the collars and cuffs can start to show wear after only a few wears without proper care.

Our eco-friendly dry cleaning will thoroughly remove stains from perspiration, body oil, and colognes. A freshly pressed and dry cleaned dress shirt is the perfect accompaniment to any suit.  We both launder and dry clean our dress shirts.  Depending on the care label, the fabric, the size, the thickness of the buttons, and also the stains. All dress shirt collars are treated with care. Laundered shirts are washed with soft water so the colors stay bright and the whites stay white. Dry cleaned dress shirts are cleaned in our gentle green earth solution which is non toxic. We hand finish all the dress shirts.

Let us help you with your dress shirt cleaning- contact us today.

Swiss: the Greener Dry Cleaner!