Necktie Cleaning

Neckties diversify your wardrobe and complete a polished look.  Neckties are made of rich fabrics such as silk.  Silk neckties require special care to maintain their shape and sheen.  If you do get food or ink on your tie, resist the urge to rub the necktie briskly with water or a napkin. This can chafe the necktie and damage the color and fabric.

Dry cleaning your neckties will remove stains and odors without compromising them.  Our green dry cleaning solvents are effective, yet gentle on your neckties.  All neckties are especially treated for food  stains, green stains, and drink stains. Each necktie is cleaned in its own mesh bag in order to maintain the delicate shape. We will use low heat to dry your necktie.  Each necktie is steam finished in order to maintain the texture of the fabric.

Let Swiss Cleaners help you keep your neckties looking new.  Contact us today for more information.

Swiss: the Greener Dry Cleaner!