Oil Stains

Oil stains can be the most difficult types of stains to remove.  Oil stains can come from all kinds of daily items: adhesives, butter, cooking oils, cosmetics, crayon, some furniture polishes, glues, gravy, grease, gum, hand cream, inks, lipstick, margarine, ointments, peanut butter, tar, waxes, etc.  Rather than throwing away a oil stained garment, bring it to Swiss for professional dry cleaning.

We are experts at stain removal.  After assessing each stain, we will treat your oil stained item to our eco-friendly dry cleaning process.  Environmentally-friendly solvents are used in lieu of harsh petrochemicals.

Let Swiss help you restore your oil stained items- contact us today for more information.

Swiss: the Greener Dry Cleaner!