If Clothes Could Talk, They’d say “Ahhhhhhh”

At Swiss, our GreenEarth® process treats clothes like a mineral bath, so they don’t just come back clean, they come back rejuvenated. Fabrics actually feel soft and supple again. Silky and smooth to the touch.

They look better too. Swiss's green cleaning won’t damage fibers or leech dye like conventional dry cleaning. So clothes look newer longer. Colors stay bright and clear. Whites are whiter and repeated cleanings won’t cause yellowing over time. And unlike other alternatives, GreenEarth doesn’t cause shrinkage. Clothes always retain their correct size and shape no matter how many times you clean them. Garments come out of a GreenEarth bath with very little wrinkling and no static. So they need less ironing and finishing. That means less wear and tear on your clothes.


The Wow comes from the How

Fabrics look and feel better at Swiss. And that’s not just our opinion, it's science. The reason? Our GreenEarth silicone solution doesn’t rub or swell fabric fibers like petrochemical solvents or water-based methods. It is chemically inert, with very low surface tension, so it is better able to get between the dirt and the fiber and move the dirt without damaging textile fibers. It gently carries in the detergent and carries away stains and soil.


A Delicate Approach to Delicates

Swiss is so gentle with your clothes that you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning delicate or sensitive fabrics and trims. Heirloom fabrics and lace, wedding gowns, beads and sequins, hand painted fabrics, silks, leather, suede, microfiber, even rubber backed drapes, acetate and elastic.


The Secret is the Sand

Fabrics love Swiss because we don't use harsh petrochemical solvents. We use pure liquid silicone. Silicone is made from sand, or silica, one of the earth’s oldest and most abundant substances. It is a gentle and remarkably effective solution for dry cleaning. Not just for clothes, for the planet!


Problem Items are No Longer a Problem

With the huge influx of delicately embroidered and highly embellished styles, "problem items" damaged by both washing and traditional dry cleaning methods, more and more textile and garment manufacturers are specifically requesting the Swiss's GreenEarth Cleaning method. Traditionally, garment manufacturers and dry cleaners have been in conflict with each other, each side predisposed to viewing the other as the party deserving of blame in cleaning damage claims.  Manufacturers can trust that Swiss is using a gentle process that does not pose risk of damage.